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Mobsted platform allows assigning Statuses to each Event. For example, a status of a submitted document, or of a purchase made, or a customer complaint, you can change statuses and track until the resolution.

You can have your own custom column in Events table or use this functionality. Statuses table makes it easier tracking events and updating platform's backend users and/or app users on the progress of an Event. This can be done automatically, with Triggers based on Event status filter. Statuses are also available for reference in #hashtags#.

Manage Statuses

Open an app in Constructor −> Click Statuses, in the header menu in Section App Data - ORANGE mark

There are always 2 default Statuses, which as Open and Close statuses of any work flow. These can not be deleted. You can have up to 9997 statuses in the middle.

To Edit/Copy/Delete existing Status - BLUE MARK

Add new Status - RED mark ↑

Add/Edit a Status:

  1. ‌ Name it as it will be seen everywhere
  2. Set an order number from 1 то 9998
  3. Change colors, which can be used to differentiate one Status from another.
  4. Press DONE (BLUE button)