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In the process of building your app you need to check how it looks and works constantly from user's perspective. 

There are several ways to do that.

Option 1

You can start Preview directly from the Constructor. A pop up window, sized to a mobile device will open. 

Option 2

You can run the App as an Object.

Navigate to Objects. Choose any one you want. Click "open app" for any Object to use fir testing in the LoginURL column. 

You will get the following pop up:

QR - snap it with your device and open the app on a mobile device as Object.

Shortlink - copy/paste it anywhere, where you want to open the app at

Open button - will open a new browser window sized as a mobile screen.

Note: We recommend using the second approach because it would give you more accurate way of testing. In real life the App is always ran using SOME OBJECT.

Option 3

You can also test some basic features through Constructor's  "Live Edit" function. It is does not make full data available to the platform from this limited user session, however you can click through your app and preview if logic is correct real quick in it.

Live edit ON/OFF

NOTE - in LIve edit mode you mouse buttons changes places. The right button selects an element and the standard left button clicks through. 

Live/Layout Edit

Common Access Link