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Here is a list of known issues that can appear when using the Container

Some of website's functions do not seem to work, when inside of the app.

This can happen because some functions of your website has cross domain work as forbidden. Brand the app to your own domain, the issues will be gone. Use this article - Brand Converted apps to your domain - option 2

Links that normally work, do not work inside the app.

Please go to this article - Why do your links in app not work?

The app has a blank screen, when launched from an icon

Make sure your website has SSL security certificate. If can be added at your domain provider. 

The "Install" prompt does not work for Android, shows Instruction instead

This will happen if you already have the app installed. Uninstall 🗑  (trash can) the app from you device, DO NOT Remove ✕,  as it will only remove from the Home Screen, but keep the app installed.