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NOTE - This section explains how you can brand each of the applications your 100% build using Mobsted Constructor to any subdomain of you website. If you need to brand a Converted Web site to app - use this article.

NOTE - in SaaS you can only place an app to any subdomain of a full domain name, not to the domain itself. If you need to have a web application built on Mobsted to run from your main domain - please contact us.

As example, your app can work from for all your users, instead of from a domain. 

Open app's Settings marked red ↓, open tab called Access Info marked green ↓, select an option - Branded to my domain marked magenta ↓.


You will see the following section:

  • Enter any name for your subdomain marked red ↑, like - myapp, customers, users, shop, or anything you want users to see.
  • Enter you full web domain name marked green ↑, including the domain zone, like .com .org .net and so on

Now you need to go to your domain management tool, and create 2 CNAME records to EXACTLY match the table marked blue ↑.

Note, that areas marked magenta ↑ will change depending on account name and your selected subdomain name. 

Press green I'm done button, after you have created both CNAMES . 

Wait for up to 1 minute.

IF ALL WORKED WELL - you will see a Connection Success message and live examples of how will all links to your app look now in browser URL.

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