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  1. Go to API Operations (GREEN MARK) section on the Top Menu of Mobsted platform

Click Add Operation (RED MARK)

2. Choose one of your API providers and it's API method (GREEN MARK)

Name your new operation (ORANGE MARK)

NOTE!!! - the name you choose is whats used in apps, internal and external calls, so name with NO SPACES, so it can be available universally. 

3. Choose Available Key in API Key drop-down (GREEN MARK)

Fill in all required fields (RED MARK). In this example we have only one required field, another API method can have other fields. As a value in the field you can use static data (number, string, etc.) or Hashtags as a dynamic data source (in the Hashtags article you can learn what the #application:id# reference does).

4. If you want to add few fields to your operation Click Add Field = Value pair and fill in the fields (RED MARK ↓), click Save

It can be very useful when you are using the same API method in different use-cases. For example, in one app you want to update field "Address", in another app (or in the same app) you need to update field "MainAdress" etc.

5. Click Save Operation (RED MARK ↓)

Close Operations window

6. Done. Now you can use this Operation in any trigger or in any Action in your app.

Check one Example - Trigger an Operation on Filtered data

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