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This instruction shows how to create an app for your website using Mobsted Web to PWA app converter:

1. Add New App

When in Account press Create new Application (RED MARK)

2. Enable the Converter 

This switch automatically enables all the functions and performs all the actions on the platform to create an app for your website (RED MARK). The switch will turn green. 

3. Add Icon and Content

You can see that the switch turned green and you have an additional Tab now.

  • Enter your web address - RED 1, press RED 2 to make sure your website DOES OPEN inside. It may take a couple of seconds, but you must see the content. NOTE - If you do not see your site - ask your web administrator to turn on iFrame or X-Frame permission for your website.
  • Name your app - ORANGE MARK - this name is what user will see for a split second, when loading your app every time.
  • Add ICON of you app - GREEN mark -  only PNG of 512x512 or more is accepted

You can leave one name for both the App and the "Icon Title" (just above green ↑ mark).

But you can also choose to have these different. For example, the Icon Title can be a name of your shop, like "Tesla", to be seen on a PHONE'S SCREEN, but the Application name marked in orange ↑, can something of a slogan, like - Self Driving Rules.

4. Adjust the Instant App Saving Prompt

This is prompt which appears when user follows a link to your app helps users save your app. You can control over the top part through a purple marked ↓ editor. 

The text here depends on how you use the app saving prompt. For example, if you send users mostly into app from a button or a popup on your website - they already expressed a wish to save the app, in this case you need to write something like - "Thanks, Now add this app to your phone".  In case when people get into your app from links in SMS or emails, or from QR codes - it is better to explain WHY TO SAVE the app, what value would it bring, for example - "Save it now. You will have instant access to our special offers."

In any case make it short and make it meaningful, you only got 140 symbols. 

PRESS SAVE - your app will be created and your will be prompted to go to the Tab called "ACCESS INFO", to see different ways to direct users to app are shown.

There are two different app saving prompts. The Instant (above ↑) appears RIGHT WHEN a user visits a link with your app, without delays or conditions. It is what's your set above and is what you need in most cases.

Refer to the article - Manage App Saving Prompts for more information.