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A highly requested function of our Constructor!  However, we did take some time to understand how to make it right for most use cases scenarios that we hear from our clients.


The issue was that every time you press Save in Constructor - our system deploys changes into the screen right away, which is very fast and easy during app development but makes it cumbersome to deploy many changes at once to several places within the app.  Most users duplicated screens that needed changes, tested updated functionality of their apps on those screens, and then either manually updated the original screen, or choose to re-link to the new screen all over their app. Both of these routes were time-consuming and could lead to errors. 


As of December 30th, a new flexible deploy system is released to all accounts and all servers.

A more detailed description of this mechanism is located in the Deploy Changes page of the General Intros section.

As usual - Looking forward to your questions and comments in the Support channels.

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