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This article explains how to view and manage all sub accounts in the partner account



(1) Open the Sub Accounts table

GO TO THE HOME SCREEN OF THE PATFORM BY PRESSING THE LOGO IN THE TOP LEFT CORNERthe home screen of the platform - it is the Mobsted Logo in the top left corner

FIND an app called "My Sub Accounts":


(2) Using the Sub Accounts Table

You will see a list of all sub accounts you created and their associated data:

URL is the unique account link of your client, email is the login and defaultPassword is the automatic password. You can update the password, when in client's account.

Note - the new password will not be visible here, as we do not store password in open form, except for this first time of account creation. 

SCROLL to the right to see all available fields, which contain all statistics of the sub account:

servera main server name
tenantname of the clinet's tenant database on the server
urla login and API URL of the client


how many end users launched the app in 7 days


how many end users launched the app in last 30 days
launchApp1dayhow many end users launched the app in last 24 hours
launchAppTotalhow many end users launched the app in total
eventsTotalhow many events are recoded in the account
appsPwaLesshow many converted web to apps are in the account
appsTotalhow many apps exist in the Account
appsMuhow many non- web-to-apps are in the account, so made from scratch using the Constructor
objectsTotalhow many total end users where exposed to the app
objects7dayssame for 7 days
objects30daysfor 30 days
bcLastLoginwhen was the last time someone logged into the sub account
Emaila key email on the account
tenantCreatedwhen the sub account was created


the automatic password for the account
appInstalltotal app installs
appInstall1daysame for last 1 day
appInstall7daysame for last 7 days
appButtonInstallhow many times the Install button was shown