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You can become a partner-reseller of the Mobsted solutions for:

  • PWA Converter (both Wrapper and Capsule)
  • Full Pro Application building platform

The difference between the partner account and a generic account is that partners can create sub-accounts for the end clients and that those sub-accounts do not have billing tools enabled, as partner normally charges his clients directly and only then pays Mobsted.


1) To get a partner account - drop us a line to [email protected]

2) You can create apps for all clients in your own account using either Wrapper of JS Capsule, or both (just use this article), this way only you have access to all apps and fully control those apps. Or you can use a simple API to create sub-accounts for each of your clients to be able to give them the access at any time.

3) Decide on manual or API based creation of apps in sub account. Here is an article on how to use API to create apps on a fly, but you really need this bulk operation for product level integrations, like if you run an e-commerce CMS and want all shops to have an app powered by our system. If you do only several apps each day - manual creation is fast enough. 

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