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In this article we show how to fill Select with Dynamic Data from Objects Filter

You can use Select component with dynamic data 

  • Objects Filter
  • Events filter
  • API operation response

Step-by-step guide

  1. Goto Objects in your APP (green mark on the picture)
  2. Add 2 custom columns ("code" and "Name" and full its as you can see on picture below, red mark)
  3. Create New filter and configure it (filter name and condition set as you can see on picture below, orange mark)
  4. Goto Constructor (red mark on the picture)
  5. Choose or create new screen (green mark on the picture)
  6. Add Select component on the screen (red mark on the picture)
  7. Select this component to see it's Properties (green mark on the picture)
  8. Choose Dynamic options (blue mark on the picture)
  9. Put in Data Source the hashtag for your filter (for example - #ObjectsFilter:ourData:Data# ) (green mark on the picture)
  10. Put in Label key the [email protected] + column name from Objects (for example - [email protected] )
  11. Put in Value key the [email protected] + column name from Objects (for example - [email protected] )
  12. Save screen (red mark on the picture)
  13. Open mobile app and check the result (in this picture - Option label is from Static options in that component )



Be very careful when filtering any data! Users will be dissatisfied if the item list contains more than 10 items.

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