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Most of the API Methods would not work without API Keys set up. API Keys are used to store and use authorization data. To create one perform the following steps:

Go to the API Providers (RED MARKsection on the Top Menu of Mobsted platform 

Select API provider, which would store API Keys (RED MARK)

In the window opened navigate to API keys tab (RED MARK)

Click Create new API Key (RED MARK)

Fill in the following fields (RED MARK):

  • Api Key Name - enter the name of the API Key;
  • Method - select on of the authentication methods available (Basic, Digest, SAML, WS-Federation, OAuth, OpenID Connect)
  • Key1 - primary key
  • Key2 - secondary key
  • Key3 - 3d key
  • AuthUrl - URL address to send authentication data

Click Save API Key (RED MARK)

Click Close

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