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This update was released on May 25th 

We have just added a new way to login into your Mobsted accounts. Secure and easy, using only your email and your mobile phone as a second factor.

When in your Mobsted account home page:

  1. Press Login with Messenger in the top right corner
  2. Select a messenger where you want to confirm your logins
  3. Snap a QR code with your mobile device, where the messenger is installed, and follow the link
  4. When in messenger - Start the connection with the button you will see
  5. That's it

The next time you log in to the Mobsted account - enter your email (step 1↓) and press the Login with Messenger button (step 2 ↓):

You will get the confirmation request in the mobile messenger of your choice.

Now, you do not need to remember passwords, or insecurely store these at your computer. 

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