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Our web to PWA Converter tool has different options for you to choose from. Click on the card to select it. You can see a Branded PWA Wrapper is selected ↓ on the sample picture.

Image RemovedImage Added

Making the right choice depends on how complex is your current website and what kind of access you have to your site management tools. You can simply check this options one by one to learn which way works best in your case. All these take under 1 hour time. 


Simple PWA WrapperBranded Domain Wrapper - iFrameBranded Domain Wrapper - NO iFrameBranded Domain PWA JS Capsule
Website is a simple information collection++++
Website has login forms-+/-++
Website relies on cookies as variables-+/-+/-+
Website has HTTP only cookies---+
Website is located at main 2nd level domain, like ""++++
Website is located at 3rd level, like ""+++-runs on main domain
You can add buttons and links to your website++++
You have access to web domain admin panel to create CNAMEs
You have access to website admin to add JavaScript and other files

Your website does not allow iFrame, xFrame in cross domain options--++