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There are two ways to brand the app to your domain name. By branding we mean that users will see you domain as the source of the installation.

(1) Easy - Branding with SUBDOMAIN

After this procedure can use in all the app links, instead of 


The table contains just an example, follow these steps to connect YOUR account.

a) Log into your website's domain admin panel. 

b) Create new record of type "CNAME"

c) Put your Mobsted account name into first CNAME's name or host name (it can be called differently in some systems), which is in BOLD - (Note - just the account name here which is in bold red).


d) Set the first CNAME  to point to your mobsted account address - - WITHOUT the "-admin"


e) Create the second new record of type "CNAME"

f) Put your full account name ( WITH THE "-ADMIN" part) into second CNAME's name or host name, so a64hs61c54d-admin



You MUST 100% match both CNAME's host name and the domain it points to your account ID. For all automatic account it is alphanumeric, but it can also be branded for accounts, which we create manually for partners.

b) Choose between iFrame and non-iFrame option

Using this table you can make a choice, which option is best for you.


Check the blue box ↑, after you connected 2 CNAMES, to turn OFF the iFrame for this app's website.

(2) Harder - Branding using web server, i.e. NGINX

You need to modify you NGINX instructions with Mobsted commands.


DOWNLOAD IT HERE - mobsted_includes_nginx.conf.txt

(3) For deeper fully branded experience use the PWA JS Capsule option