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Attention. NOTE - This section only works for the app made using the Converter tool. For ways If you need to brand apps application built from scratch on the Mobsted platform, Constructor -please refer to that section this article of Help docs. 

There are two ways to brand the app to your domain name. By branding we mean that users will see you domain as the source of the installation.



You MUST 100% match both CNAME's host name and the domain it points to your account ID. For all automatic account it is alphanumeric, but it can also be branded for accounts, which we create manually for partners.

b) Choose between iFrame and non-iFrame option

Using this table you can make a choice, which option is best for you.

Generally, things like different login forms do not function well, when in iFrame, so it is advisable to take the app out of iFrame. The iFrame will only be needed to install the application, but a user will be taken out, upon login.

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Check the blue box ↑, after you connected 2 CNAMES, to turn OFF the iFrame for this app's website.

(2) Harder - Branding using web server, i.e. NGINX


DOWNLOAD IT HERE - mobsted_includes_nginx.conf.txt



For deeper fully branded experience use the PWA JS Capsule option