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This new functionality allows creating lots of different shortcuts during application creation. As Operations You can now pef

For example, you may create a filer with new registrations and want to receive weekly data on them to your email, without going to any dashboards. In this case, you create a Filter to filter out new users and a use the following operation an any way you see fit: 

Select the sendFilterData Operation

Open up API providers in the Integrations section, find Mobsted API v8. Operation is called sendFiltersData:

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Fill in the Details 

Copy and paste filter's name (it must match 100% with the actual filter name), set Application's ID from where filter lives, and enter recipient's email address:

Image Removedadd basic math functions to any Operations that address your backend.

NOTE - you can use this construct for any operation performed on the backend. For now only "+", "-", "/" and "*" are accepted. Also, only NUMERIC values can be used, other types will return an error. 

A simple example:

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Here, we update the data in the Object's column called "Points" with the result of a math operation 359-10.

A common usage example:

Say you need to update an object's column with a Dynamic data sourced from other Objects columns, you can add this  ==(#object:num1# + #object:num2#)= instead of ==(359-10)= 

As usual - Looking forward to your questions and comments in the Support channels.