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"Hello world of PWA!" app

The article provides the steps to create a basic application and add an app icon to Home Screen.



  1. Log in to your Mobsted account

Click Create new Application (GREEN BUTTON)

  1. Name you application (BLUE MARK) as "Hello PWA World " and click Save (ORANGE MARK)

  1. Drag and Drop Text element (RED mark) from the left panel to the device emulator in the centre of the screen
  2. Go to the Properties (GREEN MARK) of Text element and change its text to "Hello PWA world" (BLUE MARK)
  3. Click Save Screen.

The basic app with text is ready. Now we need to save it to your device.



Widgets control how the app is saved to the home screen, how messengers are connected, how promo pop-ups look like and act.

One standard App Saving Widget is already pre-created with any new app. Here is how to find it and change it:

  1. Mouse over Application section and select Widgets (RED MARK)

2. You can see that Widget and it's scenarios are already activated (BLUE MARK)
3. You can edit texts & content of the Widget or delete the Widget by clicking Edit or Delete ( ORANGE MARK)