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  1. Create user actions to: switch screen, change data, make API call

    and add or change labels. Related issues kb-how-to-article … ​ How to set it up: Open any app you have and click Add screen Drag and drop Text Input element, set properties: Backendname = Email
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  2. Learn in Demo App

    (ORANGE) Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 22.37.55.png kb-how-to-article … The app available in your account live shows the most basic parts of the Mobsted platform. It often makes sense to click around by yourself to learn how things
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  3. Custom JS and HTML

    kb-how-to-article … or special visual behaviour connecting any JS libraries, for example for charts etc  Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 17.36.55.png How to Use Custom
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  4. Send Push to Android and iOS

    : Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 15.54.14.png Related issues kb-how-to-article … Mobsted provides Push capabilities to both Android and iOS users. Each user can make a choice of how to accept Push. In a Still way, how Push is delivered
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  5. TroubleShooting the Wrapper

    . Related issues kb-how … this article - Brand Converted apps to your domain - option 2 Links that normally work, do not work inside the app. Please go to this article - Why do your
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  6. Screens

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  7. Calculations & Math

    functions on screen - 4 Math expressions & operations in Demo App in your profile. ​ Related issues kb-how-to-article
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  8. Loops - display multi line/element data

    -how-to-article … proceeding, make sure you know, how basic adding elements in Constructor works, PLUS:  Hashtags, as this section is heavy on referencing data points,  Automatic
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  9. General Intros

    for learning Preview/test your app How to start any app during development process to view rusults intro basic quick kb-how-to-article … This section explains basic parts of the platform  Step-by-step guides Open each article to view a part relating to the section of the platform
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  10. Create "Hello PWA World" app

    . That's it! pwa quick create kb-how-to-article … "Hello world of PWA!" app The article provides the steps to create a basic application and add an app icon to Home Screen
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